Creating The Perfect Testimonial

Today I want to talk to you about acquiring and displaying testimonials/case studies.

Why do you need to display these? People like stories of transformation. This is ingrained into our very nature. Showing your patients that life after your products or services looks a certain way gives them a resolution to their problem.

How to get testimonials from past patients. Ask them. It's that simple. The problem with this though is that they will speak about you and your practice in words like these: "Doctor X is AMAZING he/she was excellent to work with." While these are nice words... they don't exactly tell your potential audience anything about how their lives were actually changed. You need to come up with a script of relevant questions to ask them/guide them to a well-scripted testimonial/interview.

How should I display testimonials/case studies once I actually get them?

There are multiple ways to do this:

  1. Have an area on your site devoted specifically to written testimonial quotes. This is a quick fix. In our opinion, it isn't the best course of action due to the fact that you will get a quick answer, that most likely will be emotion-based, to a question.
  2. Get a video testimonial. This is a much better version of the prior tip. You can come up with a scripted series of questions to ask them. A series of questions that guide them to giving a shining testimonial. Keep to the facts. How did we help you? What does life look like now that we have? These types of questions won't get your typical "we love Dr. X" responses.
  3. The full case study. This is the showstopper. It shows your process from A to Z. From onboarding a patient to complete recovery. You get hard data mixed in with a video testimonial that showcases exactly how your process can help fix your patient's problem. At Pulse Design we do this and display it on our site. We talk to the Medical Professional prior to starting their project, and discuss what this will look like. Once we start the job we document it in its entirety. We show what our stylescape looked like for their job after the Brand Strategy Session. We show what the wireframing/design phase of the process looked like. We show what the actual development phase looked like. This builds trust with your patient. It shows them that you're trustworthy. It shows them that you have a process. It shows them you've done this before by giving them the gift of going second.

PS: People need to see that your products and services will change their lives for the better. Show them. Building a spot in your site specifically for testimonials, or videos of success stories will dramatically increase trust among your patients. You're giving them the gift of going second, and that is an amazing thing.