Creating An E-Mail Funnel

Today I want to talk to you about setting up an email drip campaign or funnel.

If you read last weeks issue then you know one of the best things you can do to help your practice is to set up a lead magnet. Today's issue is going to help you figure out what to do with all of these email address that you now have!

For Pulse Design, we use a software service called Convertkit. No, we aren't sponsored by them, but we like to help our clientele with our own tips and tricks and we figure it is worth pointing you in the right direction. Convertkit is VERY user-friendly and easy to setup.

So what is the point in an email drip campaign I hear you ask? Well, honestly it's more straightforward than you might think. It is an attempt to further brand your practice into your user's mind while simultaneously providing them with valuable information. This benefits you in multiple ways by setting you up as an expert in your field, and running a marketing campaign for you even while you sleep.

Think of it this way: what is the one thing in your life that you would be TERRIFIED if someone had access to it? I'm guessing you're thinking of your smartphone. In said smartphone what is the one thing that is a gateway to almost every single thing that goes on in your's not's not Twitter....I'm guessing it's your E-Mail. If this is true of you then it also is true of your patients. So armed with that knowledge you should set your practice up to where it is an automated marketing machine for you 24/7.

How do you accomplish this?
By following a simple 3:1 email ratio.

Your email automation should look something like this: You put out a lead magnet > you acquire an email address > your automation software automatically gives the lead magnet to the potential patient > your automation software automatically sends them an "introductory email" > your automation software then puts them into a delayed email chain.

This email chain should consist of:
7 days after the initial email is sent
- Nurturing email
- This email should provide help for your patient. It can be anything that your potential patient will find valuable to THEM.

7 days after the first nurturing email is sent
- Send a second nurturing email - same concept as the first

7 days after the second nurturing email is sent
- Send a third nurturing email - same concept as the first

7 days after the third nurturing email is sent
- This email should be direct. Do not beat around the bush with this. You are directly asking your patient to engage in your practice.
- If you aren't direct it will create uncertainty in you and your practice.
- Potentially offer a slight discount to entice them into doing business with you.
- Make it easy for them to contact and engage with you, remember: the fewer calories they have to burn to do business with you the more likely they are to actually do business with you.
- Make your phone number readily available
- Make your email obvious
- Make a "Schedule An Appointment" link that is a bright and obvious color to be easily recognizable.

This should get you started in your email sequencing. Before you know it your practice will be booked solid with the type of patients you want to be treating. Sound professional and give valuable information to your patients and you will be amazed at what comes of this.

PS: Building an Email Drip Campaign can be a daunting task. Just remember to take it one step at a time. Do a month's worth of emails then take a break. Come back to it another day and do another month's worth when you have the time. Before you know it you'll have a robust collection of email marketing materials at your fingertips.