Creating A Referral System

Today I want to talk to you about creating a Referral Program for your practice.

Why do you need a referral system? If you ask almost every single practice out there how they get patients into their practice the answer is almost always word of mouth. Knowing that information, the best way to empower people who have tried your product or service to sing your praises to their friends and family is to incentivize them to do it.

What kind of referral system can I/should I implement? There are many ways to get your past happy patients to tell their friends how good your products/services. Below I'll list out some examples of how you can build a Referral Program for your practice today.

There are multiple systems to incentivize your patients to tell their friends:

  1. Give out free merchandise. I went to a local dentist recently, and to get her patients to fill out a great google review for her practice, she gives out a teeth whitening tray. Well, my thinking was, "Sure I could use whiter will take me what 2 - 3 minutes to do this?" So, of course, I filled it out because I was already happy with my service, I was being offered free products and I like to promote local business. This is a shining example of how giving people small things can impact your business in a very positive way.
  2. Offer a cash incentive. I read about an encyclopedia distributer from the mid 90's a few weeks ago (I know encyclopedia's are old school). The books aren't the point of the story the point is their referral program was amazing. They offered a cash back policy per paid referrals. For every referral you got them that paid off into a full set of encyclopedias they would give you 33% of your money back on your set of encyclopedias (up to a maximum of 3 referrals). You could get ALL OF YOUR MONEY BACK by just referring your friends to buy their product.
  3. Commission based referrals. This is what Pulse Design uses. For all of our past clients who bring us new clientele, we give the referrer 10% of the revenue of the newly signed contract. That is literally money in your pocket just to bring us new clientele. This system can work for you as well. Offer a % of the money you make from the referral they bring you as a finders fee.

PS: Your past patients are already happy with the services you provided them. USE THE FACT THAT THEY LIKED YOUR PRODUCT OR SERVICE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. Give them a reason to tell their friends and family about your goods or services. Word of mouth is the #1 generator of business for nearly every single practice out there. So give them a reason and increase your patient base today!