Creating A Lead Magnet

Today I want to talk to you about creating a Lead Magnet for your practice.

Do you know what a lead magnet is? Fret not I'll tell you. A lead magnet is a free piece of content that attracts a user/patient. You use this to collect leads for an email drip campaign ( we will talk about what an email drip campaign is in next week's issue).

Examples of lead magnets:

  1. PDF
    - This should be a simple PDF that entices your target audience to submit their email address to you. It should help them in whatever their current - - endeavor might be.
  2. Video
    - This gets more personal. It is essentially the same idea as the PDF, but you're showing your face to the people you are talking with.
    - It allows you to put a friendly face to the practice instead of just words on a screen.
  3. Discount
    - What's better than just straight up giving a discount to a potential patient right out of the gate?
    - "Sign up here to get 25% off of your initial checkup with us"

These are just some examples of enticing media you could offer to your target audience. The idea is to get them to submit their email address to you in an attempt to win their business in an email drip campaign/funnel.

PS: People don't care about E-mail....they care about ME-mail. It is so true. If you ask someone to sign up for your weekly newsletter to "stay in the loop" they are not going to be likely to do so. On the other hand, if you offer them something of value that will help them right now...well submitting an email address to you seems like a small price to pay to get what they want.

Software you can use to set up and maintain an email lead magnet/email funnel include:
1. Convertkit (recommended by Pulse Design)
2. Mailchimp
3. Mailerite