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7 FREE Tips To Improve Your Instagram
7 FREE Tips To Improve Your Instagram

Growing your Instagram account can be hard if you don’t know what you’re doing, trust me, I know. Some of the best tips I’ve come across will be described below.  Engaging with your audience, and providing useful content to them is hands down the best way to attract people to your handle. 

So here are my quick, easy, down and dirty tips to start growing your Instagram account today!

  1. Define Your Audience

    You cannot just post random things that come to your mind. You have to really look at the type of person you are trying to attract to your brand. Then, put out the content that they themselves would like to learn about. Think about it this way: if you are trying to attract a spouse, do you think you would have an easier time attracting them if you just randomly hoping to bump into them on the street? Or do you think it would be a lot easier if you knew their name, learned things about them and figured out if you were both a good fit together beforehand?

  2. Make Content For Your Target Audience

    Once you define your target audience it is your job to figure out the content that they want to see from you. If you aren’t invested in helping them, what makes you think they will invest their most valuable resource (time) with you? Everything is a two-way street. Research what they need, and what will truly help them, once you figure that out you will be providing them with valuable content they can use. They will come back over and over to get more.

  3. Collaborate With Others

    One of the best ways you can possibly grow is by helping, or being helped, by someone. Think about it, you’re doing this to create valuable content for another person right? If you see a more specialized doctor or dentist is doing good work in their field, and your audience is asking questions about that subject, why not collaborate with them and make it a win-win? You both will build something together that your audience wants, they will get followers from you, you will get followers from them. At the end of the day it’s a win-win all around. You grow, they grow, and both of your audiences are happier for it.

  4. Listen To Feedback

    Listen to your audience. Ask them what they want. THEY WILL TELL YOU. You’re providing content for them either way, right? Why not just ask them, and give them exactly what they want?

  5. Share 5 Stories Daily

    I’ll admit this one was hard even for me in the beginning. Who wants to see whatever random task I’m currently doing? Here’s the thing: people want to connect with you. They want to feel like they are a part of your life. There is a reason Elon Musk has 10x the amount of followers as Tesla does. Tesla is just a company, something no one can relate to, but… Elon Musk…. Is a person, and what human being can’t relate to a person. Added Bonus: The Instagram algorithm loves when you post to your story. It tends to reward handles who use ALL of their features. They built them to be used. Use all of the platform for the best performance.

  6. Go Live Weekly

    Announce a topic you’ll be covering and a time so people will know to tune in. Spend 5-10 minutes talking about that subject in a live situation. Answer questions asked of you, and give great advice. People like to engage with you, so let them. This also feeds into the added bonus from step 5 as well. USE ALL OF INSTAGRAMS FEATURES.

  7. Give Generously

    Don’t be one of those people who want to horde all of the information. If you have struck a gold mine on a subject, and it can benefit others, then why not share it. With the amount of people in the world, there is NO WAY another person can take all of the potential business away from you. Help others. Even if you look at selfishly, giving freely initiates the “law of reciprocity” so the person will feel compelled to help you out if you truly help them.

So there are 7 easy to use down and dirty tips you can use in your day to day Instagram to help people out, play nicely with the algorithm, and grow your audience today!