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Pulse Design Owner David Vizena located in Austin, Texas.

a little about me

Hi, I'm David

I attended The University of Texas at Austin to learn Web Design and Computer Programming. After completing school, I opened my own business, Vantage Media Company. My wife, a physician located here in Austin, suggested that I focus solely on Web Design/Development for physicians. Taking that to heart, I decided to run with it. This started a domino effect leading to a full-blown rebrand and rebasing of my entire business model from the ground up. Pulse Design was born.

I am 100% a tech nerd - from coding, to self-driven cars, all the way down to 3D printers. If it has anything to do with technology, I can't wait to get my hands on it. I am constantly striving to improve my tech skills in order increase efficiency, both for myself and for my clients. Outside of work, I love spending time with my wife and our two sons. We love to watch movies, read books and play together!

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The story of how Pulse Design came to be.

Pulse Design was started by David Vizena to fill a common void for physicians and their online presence in today's competitive marketplace.

August 2018
Owner/Founder David finishes his degree from The University of Texas at Austin, and moves from Houston to Austin with his family.
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October 2018
David creates an LLC for his new business, Vantage Media Company, and begins working to procure a client base and building websites for anyone he can.
Pulse Design Austin, Texas first company Vantage Media Company
September 2019
After a year of working and honing his skills, David came to realize that his business should be tailored to serve a specific type of client, and he went back to the drawing board.
October 2019
After talking to his wife, a Perinatal Psychiatrist based out of Austin, Texas, he saw a gap in physician's marketing and website UI/UX.

Many medical websites looked very dated (generally in the 1995 era). After talking to a group of doctors they generally believed that all they needed was a website, and anything after that was unneeded, David began building his Brand Strategy Course to help practices discover and focus their goals.

November 2019
Finding the gap in the market that he was looking for David took his first steps into his new specialty by rebranding and relaunching Vantage Media Company into Pulse Design.

By conducting Brand Strategy Sessions for doctors Pulse Design helps get to the source of a practice's problems. They bridge the gap between patient and physician by building the practice a One-Liner. They also find the correct target demographic by building mock clients that the practice wants to attract, and calibrate the design based on their research.

December 2019
The new business was fully online and accepting clients.

Pulse Design was born.

Pulse Design Web Design and Development Austin, Texas
Today Pulse Design is a team with one mission in life - To wake up every day and produce a premium branding and web design/development experience, helping physicians everywhere grow their practices.

You've heard our story, it's now time for the world to hear yours.